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Volunteering has helped Negar Bastani pursue a career in SEN

As part of #nationalvolunteersweek2024 National Volunteers Week 2024, Focus Surrey would like to thank the more than 420 volunteers who have supported the charity since its inception in September 2016. The team at Focus Surrey would like to recognise the efforts of Negar Bastani, who has volunteered for the past two terms.

Negar's return to Focus Surrey for her second term demonstrates her enduring commitment to making a difference. Her vibrant energy infuses every play session, creating a joyful and inclusive environment for the children. With her kindness and enthusiasm, she uplifts their spirits and encourages them to explore and engage with the world around them.

Negar's dedication to supporting the children through play fosters their development and creates lasting memories. Her selfless efforts and positive impact made staff want to acknowledge her contribution.

Staff explained why Negar is such an exceptional volunteer. "Negar is an incredibly committed and enthusiastic volunteer. She has a child-centred mindset, always making sure the children are happy, comfortable and having fun. Her kind and caring nature has enabled the children to form strong connections and show eagerness to communicate and interact with Negar."

Negar learnt the principles of ABA and applied them effectively. She also did very well to teach her early learners functional communication skills using sign language and ABA techniques. At times this proved challenging for her students but Negar persevered and ensured they were happy and engaged at all times.

Negar’s care and compassion for her students was evident when they arrived for each session with a big smile on their faces and happy to see Negar. Her students also made a huge amount of progress in their functional communication skills.

Negar explained why she volunteered at Focus Surrey. “I wanted to make a difference in children's lives as childhood is one of the most important stages in life. Children, especially those with Special Educational Needs, are so vulnerable and helping them to adapt and reach their potential is so fulfilling to me."

“Secondly, I volunteered to gain first-hand experience in working with children with ASD and try the ABA methods to see and understand how it works when it comes to practice.”

“I also found volunteering one of the best ways to expand my circle of friends and learn more about British culture by communicating with tutors, families and other volunteers.”

Negar has also volunteered two evenings at Focus Surrey's SEN discos, helping to run glitter tattoo stalls and creating a welcoming space so that children and young people with disabilities can enjoy a fun night of music and dance.

If you would like to volunteer with Focus Surrey from September 2024 you can find more information here:

If would would like to support Focus Surrey's good work then you can contribute here.

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