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What do we offer?

  • Support for families with children going through diagnosis or those already diagnosed

  • Implementing ABA in a home setting along with Saturday sessions

  • Records and data of your child to show the progress made through ABA for you to use for schools, nurseries and for implementing a new home programme

  • Support to new tutors wanting to work within the ABA field

  • Support and advice on getting the right evidence and information together to present to schools for any tribunals or local authority meetings

  • Weekly support meetings with other parents whilst your child is in their sessions

  • Online training sessions by professionals including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and ABA professionals

ABA Saturday kids club leaflet
ABA Saturday kids club leaflet

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Our Saturday club aims to introduce the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to families who want to start using ABA, as well as being an extra resource for those already familiar to it. Run over 12 weeks, the club aims to be nurturing, fun and child-centred, and is open to children aged from two to 16 years. Children are split by age into two groups - the younger ones attend in the morning and the older ones in the afternoon.

Sessions are constructed and led by our fantastic ABA professionals and each child has their own one-to-one volunteer tutor. Children can practise social and play skills, improve their communication skills and work on specific individual targets determined in consultation with parents. Parents are also given the opportunity to

train to be a volunteer tutor so they can work alongside their child learning how to use the new skills.

Parents must stay on site for the duration of the club, but it's a great place to meet other families who are in a similar position to yours and there are light refreshments for the adults. 

Although we’re not able to provide the club free of charge, if you are self funding places are subsidised. We can also accept payment through your Local Authority.

“Saturday playgroup is energetic, inspiring, uplifting & extremely well run”   

(Kath – parent and volunteer)

Should you require further information on ABA, you may find the websites ABAA4ALL  or UKSBA useful.

Information for families

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