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Focus Surrey club is so inspiring for both SEN children & the volunteers

Updated: Mar 25

Play assistant Aban has learnt a lot from volunteering at Focus Surrey and is encouraging others to volunteer

The leaders are so open-minded and they always convey a pleasant and fun-based energy and are constantly supportive. When asking any question, they perfectly explain and teach you how to redirect the child. The training days are so helpful when they introduce you to ABA. Their methods are brilliant and the children love them. They teach a unique approach that I had rarely seen within SEN settings.

 The activities are carefully planned and set up to bring joy, happiness and concentration to the children. I as a volunteer, looked after my students in all the activities. My aim was to imitate and sometimes reflect, look and give space and time for the student’s choices. This was all done by the constant pleasant hints that leaders gave me.


Activities include the outdoor space, the art room, playroom and dance room which has a great leader who is always happy; as well as music, movement, exercise, sometimes gardening and dancing.


I learned a lot at Focus Surrey and had fantastic feedback either from the leaders and especially from the parents. The affectionate nature of the club inspires you to return and look after this important part of our society, the SEN population who deserve to be very much respected. I am convinced that they possess a brilliant message for all human beings and Focus Surrey is that unique place where you can meet these messengers.

Aban - volunteered at Focus Surrey as a Play Assistant at our Saturday Club, and during the week works as a Learning Support Assistant and Teaching Assistant at a SEN school.

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