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Focus Surrey Volunteer Researches Benefits of Volunteering

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

While Focus Surrey hasn't been able to run in person to provide valuable experience for our many volunteers - we were able to provide a placement for one Kingston University student this year.

Psychology student Grace Linehan, who is in her 2nd year of a BSc (Hons) Psychology at Kingston University, has undertaken a literature review and researched the benefit of volunteering for Focus Surrey. The final output is a brochure on the benefits of volunteering as well as a leaflet on the benefits of speaking at Focus Surrey's online guest speaker series.

"I’ve loved doing my placement with you, it has made me really understand and appreciate what Focus Surrey does and who it really helps," Grace said. "I would definitely love to come and volunteer for you when we are able to do so. I will definitely stay in touch after my placement has finished!"

Focus Surrey Chairperson, Sue Archdall, said: "It has been sad not to be able to open the club for children or in-person training for volunteers. Due to government restrictions we have not been able to meet in person. But it is wonderful to know that we are still able to support students with their university placements even during Lockdown." Sue met with Grace and her lecturer Jess Prior via Zoom and they have communicated about the placement entirely over email. "Many of the students who volunteer at Focus Surrey go on to work in education, healthcare and social care. For some it's the first time they have ever met anyone with autism, worked with children or heard about Applied Behaviour Analysis."

"Focus Surrey is providing a fantastic opportunity for students to gain work experience which has informed many career and study choices for the more than 220 people who have volunteered over the 8 terms the club has run."

"As well as providing this opportunity we are increasing awareness about autism and ABA."

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