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Focus Surrey Highlighted at National Conference

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Focus Surrey was highlighted at a national conference for Speech and Language therapists with an interest in ABA.

Focus Surrey parent Hoi Rimington, was invited to speak at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Clinical Excellence Network for SLTs with an interest in ABA Study Day which was held via Zoom on March 4th 2021.

Hoi talked about her ABA journey and how her daughter Lauren, who has attended Focus Surrey for 3 years, has made significant progress through a virtual program run by joint Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Speech and Language Therapist Bethan Mair Williams. Bethan is one of just six jointly qualified BCBAs and SLTs in the UK.

Hoi and Lauren were first introduced to ABA at Focus Surrey Saturday club and Hoi was introduced to Bethan when Bethan spoke at Focus Surrey Saturday club in Cheam in October 2019. “Overall, I believe ABA has helped me a lot, it has made me feel more positive and more realistic towards Lauren’s future. I believe that nothing will change overnight, but with your everyday effort it will get better and better,” Hoi said.

Bethan and Hoi also spoke about how much Hoi and Lauren had benefited from Bethan's guidance at a recent talk for Focus Surrey parents and guests on 8th April. Bethan's talk Beyond Manding & Tacting; Progressing ABA past the basics described how important it was to create the need for communication by sabotaging the environment and having something to talk about. Bethan also gave great examples of using calendars and diaries as shared references to help children communicate about their day.

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