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Dancing freely at Focus Surrey

Updated: Mar 25

As part of #Nationalvolunteersweek2022 Focus Surrey Dance Movement Psychotherapy student Malgorzata Liskiewicz explains the reasons why she volunteers at Focus Surrey's Saturday club for children with autism.

Although in the country of my origin, Poland, volunteering is not that common, I have discovered its benefits since I moved to the UK. I reached out to Focus Surrey this year, because as a Dance Movement Psychotherapy trainee I had to gain practical experience in leading Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions alongside my course. Focus Surrey gave me an opportunity to meet and work with unique children and young people with Autism but also their families, other volunteers, and professionals, that I could learn from.

When attending the Saturday club, I often feel like a member of a big family and each week I enjoy sharing the experience of creating something meaningful together. On my way back home, I return with a feeling of deep satisfaction and connection. When I feel tired, I remind myself of the smiling faces of the children when they hear their favourite song or express themselves dancing freely, being applauded by the rest of the group.

These memories give me the motivation and the energy to keep going throughout my busy schedule and other life challenges. I feel like music and dance can give us so much to enrich our life and I was happy to share it with young people in the Club.

I find that there is a lot of gratitude, joy and love in the air during the time we spend on Saturdays and it's all thanks to Focus Surrey who gathered the community of open minded, inspiring and dedicated people, who together make a difference in the world. I noticed that the week without going to Focus Surrey's Saturday Club and meeting the children, their parents, other volunteers and professionals seems like quite a lonely week, so I thank you Focus for creating such a unique space and giving me the opportunity to join you. I have gained not only the experience I was looking for, but much more than that!

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