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ABA4ALL : A one-stop shop for all things ABA! is a website for parents and those interested in finding out more about ABA. It is a good place to start if you are exploring ABA and are looking for a one-stop shop for information.

For those new to ABA, on the homepage there is a video link to the BBC documentary Autism: Challenging Behaviours which helped kickstart the website and ABAA4ALL campaign.

In the About ABA section, you can read stories from families who use ABA and the young autistic people themselves and learn how ABA is used on a daily basis. There are also news articles about ABA and a very useful page listing various research papers which can be referred to and submitted as evidence for tribunals.

If you are looking for some tips on how to start ABA, head to the Education section. Here you can also see a list of schools using ABA and an interactive map where ABA services can be found across the UK.

The Useful Info section gives you a list of ABA providers and support groups, legal helpers, charities and much more. If you are struggling to get your head around ABA lingo, there is a suggested reading list and a dedicated glossary section.

We hope you find this a useful website on your ABA journey!

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