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A heart warming journey underscoring the profound impact of Focus Surrey's work.

As part of National Volunteers Week 2024, Focus Surrey would like to thank the more than 420 volunteers who have supported the charity since its inception in September 2016. Ronnie Maynard, who volunteered this past term, explains why he volunteered with Focus Surrey and the impact it had on him.

"Over the past three months, I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer with Focus Surrey, a club dedicated to supporting autistic children in developing social behaviours through engaging and fun activities. Focus Surrey offers a wide range of activities, including art, dance, and food tech, providing a nurturing environment for children to learn, play, and thrive," Ronnie said.

"I was looking to volunteer and make good use of my spare time on top of my full time job in finance and after searching online for opportunities in my local South West London area, I found the listing. I chose to volunteer with Focus Surrey because I have always been passionate about working with children and wanted to make a meaningful impact in the community. I was particularly drawn to the club's mission of fostering social development in autistic children, as I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to build relationships and gain confidence in their social skills. Volunteering here seemed like the perfect way to contribute to a cause close to my heart while gaining much enjoyment and valuable experience."

"The most enjoyable aspect of my volunteering experience was seeing the children's faces light up during the various activities. Whether it was a dance session filled with laughter and movement or an art class where their creativity flourished, the children's enthusiasm and joy were incredibly rewarding. I particularly enjoyed the food tech classes, where we made simple, delicious recipes together. It was amazing to see the children take pride in their culinary creations and enjoy the fruits of their labour, sharing them with us and other children."

"Throughout my time at Focus Surrey, I learned a great deal about the unique challenges and strengths of autistic children. I gained a deeper understanding of how to communicate effectively with them and the importance of patience and adaptability. The experience also taught me about the power of positive reinforcement and how small achievements can significantly boost a child's confidence and self-esteem."

"The most memorable aspect of my experience was witnessing a particularly shy child transform over the weeks. Initially, he was hesitant to participate and often stayed on the sidelines not interacting with the other kids. However, through consistent encouragement and tailored activities, he gradually opened up and started sharing toys with another child and playing with them together, whilst communicating and developing empathy. It was a heart warming journey that underscored the profound impact of Focus Surrey's work."

"Volunteering with Focus Surrey has been an incredibly fulfilling experience, and I encourage anyone looking to make a difference to get involved. The club offers a welcoming community and a chance to contribute to the development and happiness of autistic children. Your time and effort can help create memorable moments and lasting change for these wonderful kids. Join Focus Surrey and be a part of something truly special."

If you would like to volunteer with Focus Surrey from September 2024 you can find more information here:

If would would like to support Focus Surrey's good work then you can contribute here.

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